At QAI, experts and consultants draw upon years of consulting, training and working experience across various industries to help clients address performance issues due to lack of process enhancements, institutionalization, process benchmarking and process alignment to industry standards and frameworks. We use our extensive domain knowledge to address industry challenges, translate industry best practices into Next Practices, the practices for the future, thereby giving you an edge over your competition and making you leaders in your game.

With its extensive and diverse experience across industries, QAI partners with its clients to provide customized, blended solutions to help clients in achieving their ‘Operational Excellence’ goal.

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Increasingly companies from broad ranging sectors like Manufacturing, Utilities, Automotive and Pharmaceuticals are partnering with us for process improvement. These include not only the IT/ software departments who are seeking improvement but business functions as well. For e.g. a leading English national daily in India partnered with us and adopted the Six Sigma approach to serve its customers better.

These companies have something in common: they need to keep a tight focus on their core business, while continuously improving their operational performance, reduce operating costs and shorten product development cycles, without compromising on quality, in order to remain competitive.

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